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    Where is my question? Did anyone answer it? How do I know?

    I posted a couple of inquiries about a couple of months ago. With no answers apparently. Didnt get any notification. Now I want to search for my questions. Where do I go? What should I do?

    The inquiries were:

    1) When printing invoices from the online store, why cant the picture of my products be printed along with invoice. Pic is shown on invoice online but not in actual printing paper. I tried and used browser printing option but then the template format changes (goes from 1 page invoice GoDaddy format that I like, to almost 3-4 pages). 

    2) How can I store, add and create a link to a pdf file on my online store (product catalog) so that customers can access and download file? This works if you own a website design package but not an online store. Frustrating.


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    Getting Started

    Never mind. I found the way. Can view now all my previous postings. Im still pending answers though as I see that its been a month and GoDaddy cant respond or not able to address my inquiries/requests.

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    A easy way around it would simply be to take a screen shot of the invoice complete with photo depiction, then print that.

    That's the least techie way to do it, but it works.

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    Oh yes,

    It's a good idea to add tags to your post so it makes it easy if someone does a search, a bit like being tagged in Facebook.

    Did you ever receive an answer to the pdf file issue?

    I am curious because I have run into the same problem on the "Online Store". I need some sort of pdf file on my Shipping & Returns page to have an actual RETURN FORM in pdf format since the online store does not allow me to make changes to the "contact form" they offer with the product.


    Help doing this would be greatly appreciated!

    No not on the pdf file format inquiry. Sorry. My wife basically makes a collage of invoice and picture of product. And scans it to send it to customers as required, or save it for records or reprints the scanned version to go with the shipping package. Eventually we’ll retire this process as it can be time consuming at times.