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    Where is the code loaded once I publish????

    So I'm using the web design tool to create my website but where is my code loaded once I publish? Where are the files that has my html code? Can anyone point me in the correct direction. 

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    Helper V

    There are very many tools like GoDaddy's Website Builder that help us create web sites. The disadvantage of them is that they lock us into them. It is in their interest to prevent us from switching elsewhere. Most of them are like that. So I assume it is difficult or impossible to get the data you want.


    Do you know how to use the debugging tools in your browser? Do you know how to view the HTML and CSS source code? The instructions vary based on the browser but you can find many relevant articles if you search. Other than that, there is probably nothing we can do.

    Yes I understand the HTML and other web deign code. That's why I wanting to see my code. So it's what I figured, you can't see it since you are using a GUI to create the webpage.

    So it's what I figured, you can't see it since you are using a GUI to create the webpage.

    Go ahead and try; I am only assuming it is not possible. The data is probably stored in a database and there is probably an application running somewhere that accesses the same database for all the sites. The HTML and CSS are probably generated dynamically. It would be nice if we could export the data but you know they do not want to allow that. If it were possible then they sure would tell us and make it quite prominent and since they don't I interpret that as a certainty that we cannot.

    Getting Started

    I think you are locked into using the website builder and can't access any files or code. The only way to do that is get regular web hosting and upload your files and code there.