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    Why does my text box grow?

    On the home page of our website, I have a text box toward the bottom  with a title and two links in it. In the builder, it's proportional, but viewing the site, it's way too long. Thoughts?

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    Helper III

    I'd first like to point out that I am not very familiar with the site builder, however I have looked at your site and have found the issue.  I am not certain how to correct it, but the CSS that is being generated is sizing that box 749x278 pixels.  Are there some custom properties or settings for that box that you can change?  Look for something with those numbers specified, and if you are able to find them, that's probably what it is.


    Hopefully someone else who is familiar with site builder can chime in as well.

    Sorry I haven't been back. I have a lot going on. Thanks for your response. 

    I have the  size  set at 749 X 128, so it is not obeying for some reason. I have re-set it to 85 and see if maybe that sticks.