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    Why is godaddy on my website ?

    Hi, i have purchased a domain name from godaddy and a shared hosting from Hostgator. I waited 24h and now i get this : Sans titre.png



    When will i have access to my website ? And what is this ? ^

    Thanks! Smiley Wink

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    You changed your domain's DNS nameservers over to those designated by Hostgator, right?


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    hi @Danok,


    It sounds like you need to set your DNS settings.  Hostgator should provide you with an IP address to enter into the A-record of your DNS settings at GoDaddy.  Also, be sure to have your CNAME correctly configured.  You'll also need to enter the Nameserver settings.  Also, keep in mind you'll  need to have the www version of the site correctly redirected on the Hostgator side.  I know that Hostgator has an entire help section on this exact setup for GoDaddy.  


    Hope this helps,


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