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    Winter 2020 What's New in Websites + Marketing

    We finished off the year with lots of new great features. Check out the Winter 2020: What's New in Websites + Marketing blog post.


    • Add, view and manage pages more easily.
    • Link any text, button, popup, etc. to an email address or phone number so people can reach you with less effort.
    • Highlight header text and change the header style.
    • Choose from more diverse stock photos that better represent your customers.
    • Edit your own photos in Content Creator by Over. Add overlays, text, graphics, and more.
    • Add a free shipping coupon to supplement your other shipping options.
    • Share your online store products in social media posts in Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business.
    • Hire us to write and manage your social media for you.

    I'm looking forward to sharing more new things this spring about sending emails, managing your customers and subscribers, and adding more section options. Stay tuned!

    Allie P at GoDaddy
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