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    Would like to add background music to my website pages

    I have too many domains, and almost love them all!

    My personal one is

    It is a Pink Floyd Fan / Music website, hosted by another company.

    I can and have added background music to most of the pages there.

    And have a password protected page too, but do not use it.

    Mostly I just link YouTube videos into it, but I very much like the fact that I uploaded music files and can play them when page opens.

    GODADDY sales rep told me I can not do that with GODADDY pages without paying extra..... I can with another hosting company, and they even gave me the password protected pages for free. When I renewed with them, they did a price match, and came in lower than GODADDY.


    So there is my dilemma, and I very much want to update, improve greatly a website I made for a sweet love...

    She very much likes club music, I would like to add music to her ONE page website.

    Plus I want to have better & cooler links on her website, rather than the style I had on a BBS that I had in the 1990's

    Please advise....

    I 'am a shareware author and can program, write html, etc.

    Thank you.

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    sorry south, GODADDY day fizzed out

    u get no help