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    am I reaching the limit of my share hosting plan?


    I own a website which approximatively get 500UV per day on my economy share hosting plan.


    However sometimes I get traffic picks to 2000UV per day (same traffic source). Every statistic provided by google analytics are drastically going down. When traffic picks happen my avg. Session duration, Pageviews, Pages/Sessions are dropping by almost 50%.


    The website itself is image based (like 9gag) made with PHP & mySQL.


    So my question is : am I reaching the limit of my share hosting plan? is my website going way slower during those traffic picks ? Is there anyway to know what's going wrong whith cPannel stat?

    Thank you.

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    Helper V

    I searched using Google and found How many visitors can view my site at once? | GoDaddy Help. Apparently you can get twice as many connections if you upgrade to Deluxe. If you look at the Google results I think you will find some useful explanations. Each visitor need a connection for a very short amount of time.


    Then I searched for "godaddy unique visitors chart profile" and you can look there in case that helps.


    Many websites connect to other websites for promotional purposes, such as for advertisements. I am not an expert on that type of thing but my experience is that sometimes they take a relatively long amount of time to respond. Anything you can do to reduce the amount of time it takes for your pages to download can increase the total number of visitors and can reduce the amount of time it takes for your visitors to have to wait.