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    flexible appointment booking


    I am trying to set up "appointment" booking using the Gocentral/GoDaddy webbuilder.

    I want customers to be able to choose the amount of time they book the person/service for. For example booking a cleaner; the customer may want to book the cleaner for 2.5hours or 1hour or 4hours etc. I don't want to have to setup lots of variations of units of time but rather allow the customer to select the amount of time they want and have the site work out the price (based on a per hour rate) and sync to calendar availibility.

    So the site offers:

    Select service/person

    Select amount of time you want that person/service for based on its/thier availibility

    Price shows based on the hourly unit cost and amount of time chosen.

    Confirm sale T&C's

    Confirm booking and option to pay online.


    Is there also a way of providing a client login and allowing bookings from within the client login.


    Thank you

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