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    games - embedding

    Hi all, 


    I built the game using the Wade Game Engine; downloaded the source code, images, css, etc. I had previously embedded it into my SharePoint website but would like to transfer it to this website. 


    However, I'm not seeing where in the HTML widget there is a way to upload the image files; in fact, I'm not sure how the dang widget works. For once SharePoint was easier LOL. 


    Any ideas?



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    Former Employee

    Hey @LibraryGal thank you for posting in the community! What platform are you using? If you have our Websites and Marketing you can add an HTML section to the page from the sections menu in the site editor. WordPress is more complex, but generally the HTML code would be put into a widget or a plugin. I hope you find this information useful. Best regards, Brett M.

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    Hi Brett @BrettMaverick,


    Thank you for writing back. So while the game has HTML, it also has CSS files, images, and Javascript, Sprites and more... I've spoken to customer service, and their solution was to upgrade my platform. I'm using Website + Marketing, but the game I have requires uploading sprites, images, and then the CSS file and the HTML pointing to the images. Here is the game: 



    Any help you can give would be great!