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    godaddy website ticket store help


    i am making a website for my bus business, in which i am hoping to create a page in the store that customers can buy tickets for specific pre-organised day trips. i first tried to use the product store method but could not use it as it requires a shipping method for me to send out what my customers have bought; as someone selling tickets, this would not work for me. i then tried to use the 'appointments' method, which worked great until i discovered you can only buy one, so customers looking to buy multiple tickets at once cannot do so. can anyone help me or suggest something else i can try? thank you so much, any help is appreciated.

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    If adding products that have free shipping with inventory tracking to control the number of tickets available for purchase doesn't work for you, then you would have to use a third party solution.


    For example you can use PayPal and create a Buy Now button in PayPal then input the PayPal button code on your site for folks to order tickets.


    I do remember a while back GoDaddy acknowledged the interest to be able to sell digital products and were "looking into the options".  However, I've not heard anything since in that regard...


    HTH! 😉


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    Hi @simharrington. It depends on how you manage the tickets. If it's something the customer would get when they arrive at where your bus is, you could maybe just choose the "pick up in person" option for shipping. Alternatively, you could mail the physical tickets and maybe just choose free shipping or a flat-rate charge for postage. If you want to be able to give the customer a digital ticket that they print or have on their mobile device, then what @Muse mentioned is a good idea too. We are working on releasing the option to offer digital products in the near future (hopefully early next year). 


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