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    help needed on website builder

    Hi all, 

    I am new to website building and need some help please 🙂

    I am using website builder and would like to know:

    • In the store section of website builder - do I need to add options so buyers can input their address when purchasing as I can't see where this info would be captured?
    • Does website builder have an option for an order confirmation email to be sent to the buyer?
    • Lastly new GDPR rules state that visitors to the website should select whether they accept cookies or not and the website owner should outline how they intend to use the data they capture etc.  If I am using go daddy to host my site then how do I know whether they collect cookies or not, is there an option to add this option?  Also, how do go daddy manage the consumer data that is stored?  Their website states that the website owner is legally responsible for the privacy policy but I am not clear on how that can be when they are hosting it?  (Prob my limited knowledge of how these things work)

    Would appreciate any help on this.




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    Godaddy is your hosting provider but they aren't responsible for the content you publish. So you need to create a privacy policy, a conditions of use, a cookies page and disclaimers. There are several sites out there that provider generators for these pages and they do decent job.


    I don't have a store up or I could answer the question about where the data gets collected for you to ship.

    Your forms all have options to to email or display pages.


    The help is actually a good place to look for info on the GoCentral stuff