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    how to back-up website and/or undo recent changes

    Drawing a blank  here and not finding any relevant info re: our GoCentral Business Plus website we are about to go live with (waiting for DNS changes to propagate).
    - like everyone, we were forced out of the Website Builder/Tonight website we initially created through our account here, and that's fine, changes happen
    - yesterday editing one content section before publishing the new GC BusPlus site, accidentally deleted all the text in that section, found no 'undo/revert recent changes options, then found there is no backup options either, per chat support rep

    - back-arrow in browser as last resort failed to restore missing data

    This is unacceptable, has to be at least one or the other options as all changes are saved immediately.

    Remember editing your old Website Builder site before, always have the option to save changes, publish recent changes, save several recent backups of entire site, etc. 
    Please advise, I_have_to be missing something, thank you

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    Hi @KCtechSLO,


    Sorry you lost some content accidentally from your site. I don't know if this link will help for the future and your use of GoCentral. https://www.godaddy.com/help/dive-in-browse-all-articles-list-24708


    😊 "I am not a Godaddy employee here, just trying to help out a little." 😊

    Did you ever get a resolution to this?  I'm on a chat with GoDaddy as we speak, and this is exactly what happened to me... My slideshow box disappeared with all of my pics and text... and I went through the same process I've always done if there was a mistake...undo button - nothing - several more times - nothing.  I had backups set to daily, if not sooner, but didn't want to attempt anything without support on the line, so engaged chat to do so, as phone number for support is returning the message "the number or code you have dialed is incorrect.  Please check the number or code and try again."  My experience with the product and support thus far has been great.  However, ff support is unable to restore my content, that would be well over 100 hours down the drain, and would be a deal killer for me.  I will have to bow out of their hosting services, as I simply couldn't afford this to happen once I promote my page and my reputation is on the line...  If anyone is familiar with a resolution, please let me know.  Thanks.