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    how to enable comments on blog posts on builder?


    I'm only 3 days into using the builder for my site and blog.

    Is there a way to allow my customers to leave comments on my blog posts?

    Thanks for you help!



    We just completed the rollout, so you should all start seeing the option to turn on commenting on your blogs through Disqus!

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    By default, Disqus requires commenters to log in to help prevent spam. However, if you go into the Disqus moderation panel you can change that by going to Settings > Community and checking the box to allow guest commenting.


    Except for advanced features like the one described above, you shouldn't need to go into the Disqus moderation panel for anything. We've taken the time to do a deeper integration with Disqus that allows you to handle everything within your website builder or from your own blog posts where you can moderate inline. We've also negotiated a contract with Disqus to allow everyone using the feature to have ad-free comments, normally an experience only available at paid levels.


    Disqus does commenting well, so in this case, it made the most sense to work with the experts to meet the needs of our GoCentral site owners. 

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    Helper V



    Are you using GoCentral or standard website builder?...

    Does the blog component have comments feature?, Please check the settings...

    If comments feature is not available!, GoDaddy must roll-out the feature...


    Thank you




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support

    So the understanding is that GoCentral doesn't have the feature yet to add comments to blog posts?




    Please call concerned GoDaddy product team to know the latest features...


    Thank you




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support

    It's been a month since this was posted; any news on when commenting will be available for the blogs? This is very important. 

    Hi folks!


    I know this is taking longer than we'd all like but this functionality is still at the top of our list.  


    Thanks for your patience!


    Christie S.

    Product Manager

    GoCentral Blog


    This is a basic feature of most all blogs, many people have decided to pay for your website builder software and this feature not being available is a drag. Please let us know what your implementation deadline is so we know if we should move on to other resources or wait.

    I agree! Please give us a specific time frame so I can decide if I need to switch to a different website host. We pay too much for this not to be included since most other website host already have this or, if they don't, charge much less.


    The other thing I'd love to see as well would be for pictures to be able to upload with in the blog. Lets get some ETA's on these features please.

    This is definitely needed and is there any way to see how many views on a particular blog, I need stats for one of my blog posts and cant see anywhere that links to how many views etc?

    Add me to the list of those waiting for blog commenting 

    This is an old thread but I just created a blog inside GoCentral Webbuilder and was surprised to see there is no way for readers to comment. I moved this blog from Wordpress and I can tell you reader comments were a vibrant part of it. What I have to do here is to put a notice at the bottom for them to email me comments and then I will go back in an update the blog post with them added. That is incredibly primitive, time-consuming and makes the blog look bad. How could you even roll out a blog capability from the git-go without comments? Please advise when this will be available.

    Agree with you. It is amazing this plataform has not this option.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    Yes. This is not a professional product if it lacks a vehicle for readers/customers to respond. This is not complex programming and there really is no excuse for a blog not to a comment capability. It really reflects badly on GoDaddy. I could also say the same about the lack of an archive function. I left WordPress because of a lot of issues and when I went with GoCentral I just assumed things like comments and archiving would standard, functioning parts. Go get a gamer and they could program in these functions in an afternoon. No excuse for not having it.

    Hello everyone and thanks for your ongoing patience. We are in the final few weeks of developing this feature. I know there's been frustration that we didn't get this out sooner, but we wanted to make sure we provided you all with a powerful feature set rather than a basic commenting tool. That said, you can expect this capability by the end of this month.

    Just called GODADDY, customer service guy was great but like he said they have no ETA date and no clue on to when this is ever going to be a option he said "its rather new..." so anyways I cancelled and moving on to another company before I sent hours and hours doing this blog/site for NOTHING , Im so disappointed this is not a option.

    Hello all,


    I am using the free web builder trial and I think it's quite user friendly and nice but the lack of comments on blogs is a deal breaker. As much as I appreciate Go Daddy's work, I have lost faith in their ETA's posted here. Does anybody know if Wordpress is a better alternative? My free trial ends after the end of April- Go Daddy's final chance to make good on their ETA before I rebuild the site via another platform.





    I switched to WIX. a lot more templates and there is comments on my blog now!!!  sorry GODADDY you guys need to step up on this 

    Save yourself the waiting game and just use WP lol. I ended up switching in March and absolutely in love with it.  Their support is great and help you find the plan that works for your needs.  It was a higher price point for me, but well worth it.

    im with you , I just felt more comfortable with WIX its point and click thats it, 

    Move it. They have no credibility at all and will certainly not meet a
    deadline that they haven't even posted.

    Totally useless.


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