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    Getting Started

    online store missing apps suggestion

    i would like to bring to notice some app customers need to shorten their search most needed for online stores missing on godaddy online store 

    1 search as cost low to high and high to low

    2 search as price 0 to xxxxxxx

    3 search as color 

    4 search as product type (fabric) etc 

    5 very small selection of store themes 

    i hope the moderators can send a request to the concerned team. as we dont know whom to reach out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Please add customer accounts capability to the online store (i.e. customer login).  Additionally please provide a customer account report.  If I would have known it did not have this common feature, I would not have bought the online store.  I will be switching to another provider if this is not added by the time my subscription expires.

    Hello @CGB!


    Welcome to our community! Thank you for providing your feedback on our Online Store service. I will pass your suggestion along to those who can affect change within Online Store. Thanks again!


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    Thank you Heather. This is an important feature to me as well.

    I would also like to add that a customer discount  code or an employee discount code be added. This would be a nice and important feature for me also. I have not found an answer to this question. 


    Thank you. 

    I've been hoping you guys finally add this feature to the o line stores. Although is a "fairly new" product, is about time that godaddy pushes a lil bit forward our investment (company's profit) and allow us to offer to our customers needed feature like having the ability of create the account. It creates the feeling of privacy and security increasing transactions volume.
    Also favicons are much needed, these small details make a world of a difference.
    It's unbelievable how much (to the offensive point) godaddy sales department pushes to collect on a sale and, on the other hand, clients requests just seat around unanswered.
    After my last call and lack of support in so many ways, I'm already researching for a new host to transfer my domain the minute my year is up. What a shame

    It only makes sense to be able to track how many people are visiting your online store, and I don't think it is too much to ask for to have the picture enlarging feature, it is not much to ask for for $30.00 monthly, I could go back to my original hoster, they charge the same monthly fee, pictures enlarge almost double the size and I can track how many visitor's Daily. 

    I don't think that this is too much to ask for, for the same montly fee, if either is not a feature, than your monthly fee should be much lower than it is, as it is not a professional format

    Getting Started

    Please add customer accounts capability to the online store (i.e. customer login).  If I would have known it did not have this common feature, I would not have bought the online store.  Checking into other alternatives if this is something that can not be offered for my online store. Please keep me posted.

    Getting Started

    I have been looking for this same feature for awhile now with my godaddy online store, and I haven't come across anything to do with customer accounts on our personal site.  Would really love to offer this option to my customers.




    Hello @Womantra_store!


    Thank you for posting! We'll pass your feedback along. I can't promise a time when this feature will be added. It will be considered. Thanks again!


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    I have an online store with several thousand items. There needs to be a method to update inventory quantities without having to do this annually or uploading the entire inventory via CSV. There should be a better tool available to update inventory levels. Our distributor provides daily updated inventory quantities via CSV, XML, Access, and Excel.


    It would be nice to use a script or another import tool for inventory levels.

    Helper I

    Filter option for Payment pending should be there in online store for order section

    Getting Started

    I would really like to see a feature with the online store that allows customers to create accounts where they can view their order history and other information within my online store.  I have seen many other estores have this type of feature and I would really like to see it available for my personal customers.

    Not applicable

    Hi @JandJShop,

    Is not MySQL available? 

    I'm not familiar with that and I haven't seen that anyway while editing or working on my site 



    Not applicable

    Hi @JandJShop@Womantra_store@mdc@kharidiye@pacificgunworks

    you say you have seen the feature you want in other online stores, yes of course. The stores you have seen are using a database and site that may have been developer coded for them. 

    All things are possible if you are willing to pay for it. I don't know about online store features, but anything 'off the shelf' is a lot cheaper than something hand coded, so unless you are prepared to pay a developer a few thousand $ or £ then you have to make the best of the features available and in the best creative ways. 

    Folk use Wordpress and websitebuilder and other CMS in order that they can build their own shops etc with no coding experience at all. So that they don't need to employ a developer who justifyablely charges a high fee for a very highly skilled job. But then tend to still want all those hand crafted features that a developer could have easily customised for their client. 

    You cant have it both ways. You either pick a product that has all or nearest to all the features you need off the shelf; or you employ a developer to build your site exactly to your precise needs. But you can't just buy an off the shelf product then rant about the lack of features hoping to bully and coerce the makers of that product into making a new release just for you or a handful of friends. You have to wait for a new release. 

    Or get a developer who can do it after a single email or phone call. You pays your monies and makes your choices. 


    I was simply asking if MySQL was available for online store. I didn't know if it was. 


    There really needs to be an export for online store products.  For example if I by mistake forget to click "taxable" option in one or two items I can't see this unless I go into each and every product's details. One by one.  I also need to have a full export of all inventory (field options in product listing) for back up and for managing my inventory.  Please let implement ASAP! 


    Also, is there a way to import size details for each items so I don't need to go into each product details to enter?


    Please add to online store - capability to pre-format an automatic email, to be sent automatically to both the store owner, and the customer after a new order..

    I can't believe I paid up front for a year and there is ZERO apps for selling Amazon, eBay, Estes, or eCrater, Estes. This is useless - those apps are free on Bonanza. What a useless website, can't even get Google reviews...