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    shipping charges to different post codes

    Hi. we are a florist based in Australia and want to put shipping charges in based on the distance from the store. I've spoken to godaddy who ended up sending me a link which came up 'whoops, page not found'. 

    its becoming urgent for us now so i'd be grateful of any help out there. thanks.

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    W+M doesn't allow that level of shipping calculation/formula with their basic shipping choices.    There was a thread earlier this year where this was discussed along with a possible suggestion -- and that this feature was to be mentioned to the GoDaddy dev team.


    I'm in the US so not sure if the setup is the same where you are.  For now, the only automatic calculations is if you use the established integrated carriers (for us USPS or UPS) will the actual location based shipping fees be calculated.


    HTH! 😉


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