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    site doesn't resize to fit customers screens

    I am using Website Builder.

    My site looks fine on my monitor, but does not resize to fit other customer's monitors.

    GoDaddy was unable to offer me any help.

    Anyone know what I need to do?

    This seems like an issue that every web site would need to address, and I expected it would happen automatically, but it doesn't seem to.  I am very disappointed.

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    Hi.  Godaddy's hosting  has nothing to do with  your  websites  responsiveness.  The issue  would be  on  your end .  If  you are using wordpress  platform  try  using  a  more responsive theme  like  Generatepress 🙂

    Getting Started

    I have the same problem. I'm not sure how it's not GoDaddy's problem? I bought the top of the line Web Builder and it looks great on a desktop monitor and like garbled goop on a tablet. I use Chrome for both. 

    If you can explain why EVERYONE who views it sees the same thing then I'll accept that it's not GD's problem. 

    Does anyone have a solution to this?


    Having the same problem...site looks good then won't resize for a standard 13 inch laptop. Built it on my 17. Will be completely disappointed if there is no fix. That's seems ridiculous, I look at sites on both all the time this doesn't happen. Will call tech support...although the program has many flaws so it wouldn't surprise me if there's no good fix for it!

    I have exactly the same problem. Have you managed to find any solution?  


    thank you