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    turn off Powered by GoDaddy GoCentral Online Store back links on storefront

    Why doesn't GoDaddy allow us to de-link URL under Powred by GoDaddy GoCentral Online Store? We are able to de-link all GoDaddy back links and ads in footers elsewhere without a problem. Most tech and sales support staff didn't even know that this was an issue with the OnLine store setups. It can be blocked by AdBlock extensions in Chrome, but kind of defeats the purpose of pointing it out to potential customers that they may be redirected back into if they hover over link or click it by accident. It takes them out of the checkout  area of your store and dumps them into a good a good trust thing when buying online.....can't rewrite and code to defeat it as GoDaddy holds ultimate access to root directory and told me that they can't/won't change it....


    Looks like no fix or solution coming....I'm out....

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    In my test store, I went to my Shop page, clicked on the Footer widget and then changed the text to what I wanted and it displays throughout the site.  Did you try that? 😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    I have tried everything good....I even tried to add some scripting to block the I said, AdBlock entension picks it up as an ad that can be blocked on local user end.... this is on a "live" store, so the issue is compounded as I don't want people to click on a link that takes them outside of my domain whether it is on purpose or by accident.....not cool.....

    Looks like no fix or solution coming....I'm out....

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