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    update and changes on website take very long time


    every time i made changes on my website contents . it takes more than a week to shown online!! . but if i chat with costumer service it done at a moment. 

    that is mean it is done manually!! or how i can solve it?


    would you please advice me how to solve this issue. 

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    Go to your website and refresh the page. It should then show you the current version. To refresh, go to the tab at the top of the page and click on the circle/arrow.


    What refresh you mean? I had made changes on my website now more than 14 days ago, but not shown to my clients till now!!


    Your website is updating right away.. Its your browsers fault! Your browser is storing cookies of your old website to load it faster and isn't bothering to reload the website... Delete your cookies on your browser and then hit reload your website page or use a different browser....What's happening is that your browser is taking up to a week or so to ignore the cookies it currently has and reload the page...So yup. Hope that was clear.. Its nothing on GoDaddy's end. Godaddy actually refreshes your website right away.. Its just your browser's cookie settings that stores and keeps reloading the old code of your website which it saves....

    I'm also experiencing this issue the update i made on my word press website is not showing.

    I've cleared my browser cache and still the same issue.