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    white screen loading on website builder

    When I go into Website Builder, and to my site, then I click on Edit Site, I just get a white screen with the center spinner and the word "Loading ..." next to it.  


    The site does not load, and has stayed like this for over an hour now.   I have tried refreshing, deleting cookies and relogging back in, restarting my computer, nothing.....  no change.


    Attached is a photo.   Help, I cannot edit my website.Godaddy white screen loading.png

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    Getting Started

    Here are some tips to fix this problem:


    1. Make sure you are using good internet connection and make sure your antivirus or firewall is not blocking godaddy sever. 


    2. Make sure your web browser is clean. Sometime some plug-ins (web browser plug-ins) make issue to load website builder. so inactive plug-ins and try again. 


    3. Make sure you are using up-to-date web browser. 


    4. Try another web browser. 


    5. If everything giving you headache then just hire professional web designer to do all these stuff. I'm a professional website designer and able to design website for you. All you just need to provide me text and images and I will take care of your complete website needs. You can contact me at cutevamp911@gmail.com or http://cutevamp.com 

    Hope these tips will helpful 


    - Renu Sharma
    Professional Web Designer

    Renu, thanks for the ideas,


    Found the answer, it was either Adblock Plus or Ghostery.   I turned both off for the site and refreshed and it worked normal.


    Go figure!

    Your Most welcome. 

    Glad to know my tips help you to fix the problem. If you want then I'm also able to help you in your web design project. I'm a freelancer professional web designer. I did over +700 websites. You can contact me on my email: CuteVamp911@gmail.com or visit my website https://CuteVamp.com


    Feel free to contact me anything, I'm always here to help you. 


    - Renu Sharma
    Professional Web Designer