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Changing date that the shop fees are paid (want to move renewal date)
Hello,   I currently have a renewal date for my shop fees of the 27th of the month, how can I move it to 29th that suits me more?

Email forwarding?
Free Account forwarding with domain: SUBBYTECH.COM : US, 0/100 accounts used, - Free Account   Ok this might sound daft but what exactly is this product I've got with my domain? Does it me...

7 Ways to Become a Doer Without a Dream Budget
 PSA – Money is STILL NOT growing on trees.    That is all.   So, how then is it possible for someone with an epic idea to begin building a business with just a couple bucks? ...

Starting your business
Hello everyone, I want to help those that are considering starting their own business. Let me start by saying, good for you! There is nothing more rewarding than owning your own business. You...

The Claims Industry
Hi over the last couple of years i have been growing a small portfolio of Claims websites, http://offplancompensation.com , http://spanishbankrefunds.com and http://theclaimshop.com    i ...

Supreme Court Tax Ruling
I've worked so hard getting my retail sales website ready to launch.  I've lined up my dropshippers, designed my site, filed my DBA name, got my FL state sales and use tax in order and a we...

Indemnify your virtual presence
I am considering creating an LLC for protection. Also looking for best practices to prevent lawsuits. No, I am not an internet shyster. :-) It just makes sense.  Suggestions?   Harry

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