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    Bookmark This: Resources for Marketing

    Bookmark This is a collection of useful links curated by GoDaddy Community members. In this thread we're collecting resources for marketing your business and website. This is a very, very broad topic! Social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, Facebook advertising, events, promotions - it's all fair game.


    What's this all about?

    You've likely come across many useful (or at least interesting) resources over the years. Maybe you've saved these to an ever-growing library of browser bookmarks. Or maybe you clipped the links to your favourite note-taking app, like OneNote or Evernote.


    While these links may not be super-useful to you right now, they may be exactly what other members are looking for. So why not share them, and get some Kudos in return? 😉


    How do you contribute?

    Just reply to this topic. Be sure to include a link to the resource and a brief explanation of why you’re sharing it, or how it's useful. Tools, articles, guides - everything is welcome.


    Don’t forget to Kudos!

    Like something that another member has shared? Give em’ some love and Kudos their post.


    Rules of the Road

    Don't post affiliate links and respect full disclosure. It's absolutely fine to share something that you, a friend or family member is working on, but please give everyone the heads up if that's the case.

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    Advocate VII

    As part of my business, my wife and I own a retail store and a small "in-home" party system.  As I've developed sites for both my business and other similar businesses, one factor that has come into play very often is the "retail mind set."  Believe me, those that make their living from retail sales look at websites much differently that us developers and designers. 


    In the past two years, I discovered a guy named Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor.  I read his blog religiously, read his books, and share information with my employees all the time.  He does indeed mention website advertising activities frequently.  Here is a link to his blog.




    On more than one occassion, I've put his wisdom to work on my websites.


    Hope this helps,




    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
    Advocate VII

    Here are two more links that you might find useful.  I do!


    First, if you are not familiar with Joost de Valk, his repository of SEO resources is some of the very best on the web.  Many know him as Yoast.  Well, here's a toast to Yoast!  I use his plugins, read his books, and scour his blog!  In fact, just minutes ago I purchased his latest SEO Blog book.




    The second author that I find extremely interesting, but kind of technical is Brian Massey - The Conversion Scientist. He has a 9-step "free course" that is well worth the time it takes to go through it.




    Good reading!


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites