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    Creating a site map to submit to Google and help search engines crawl my page

    I have been trying to create a sitemap, but apparently website builder 7 does not support it any longer.  Does anyone have a suggestion for how to create a sitemap and make it available to Google?


    Also, is there any benefit to having a link to the sitemap on the homepage?

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    I think we are talking two different type of sitemaps.  😉


    Here is a service that will create a sitemap file that you can then submit to Google:



    As far as linking to your sitemap on your home page, I would link to a sitemap created for humans -- not the XML sitemap for Google which is not very userfriendly for site visitors.  


    Your site visitor "sitemap" can be a list of important links within your site and categories to guide them to what they are looking for. This is a handy feature for folks who just what to drill down to what they are looking for.


    You can create a simple HTML file with the basic structure of your site as links.  Too many links will defeate the purpose so just top level stuff will suffice.


    HTH! 😉

    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Thank you!  I am more interested in helping Google find and crawl my page.  I am an amature at this so everything is new.  I did the keywords, and the SEO Manager on Web Builder 7, but cant figure this out.


    I tried the link you provided, but my URL produced an error 

    "An error occurred

    There was an error while accessing the URL specified: http://xxxxxxxxxx
    Please make sure to specify the correct website URL and resubmit your request."


    What am I doing wrong?

    OK.  I was able to get your link to work.  Apparently, I need to to add an "s" to "http".  Now that I have the XML, where do I put it on the web builder for my site in order for google to find it?  I put it in the site wide code section, but google could still not find it. 

    The sitemap.xml file is automatically created for you.


    It isn't really needed anymore as once Google finds your domain, they'll find all the pages too.  More important in modern times is the actual content, the the quality of sites linking to you.


    Don't link to the .xml file as it is not intended to be human friendly, though you can create another web page with links to the main sections of your site if needed.

    @beefyboy  If you are on WebBuilder 7 a sitemap is created for you and should be located at:



    WebBuilder does not allow FTP access.


    If you are not on WebBuilder, you would upload the xml file to the root of your server -- usually public_html (or it could also be html or www depending on platform).  You can do this via FTP or the File Manager with your hosting.  Then you provide that full link to Google Console. 


    It's true that you don't *have* to have or submit a sitemap for Google to find you.  But no harm in giving them a nudge and having the Google Console available data to review, right?


    HTH! 😉

    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Go to Google Search Console create an account and submit your sitemap there. It can take 2 weeks or so for Google to crawl your website. You can add a sitemap to Bing as well.

    Harris Brown