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    Domain/Google SEO Help!?

    I have an Etsy shop and I purchased a domain name several months ago so that I can give out that URL instead of the etsy one which is very long. So I purchased a domain (shopmadeleinescollection.com) so that it forwards people to the etsy URL (etsy.com/shop/madeleinescollection). However, it has come to my attention that when people type www.shopmadeleinescollection.com into Google, it does not show my shop at all. Is there a way to fix that?


    Please help!


    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey @Lizzie92,

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    Looks like you might have already worked this out on your own as I see both with & without 'www' (shopmadeleinescollection.com) resolving to your live etsy shop from here. If you recently setup the forwarding on the domain, it could have just been propagation which takes up to 24 hours to resolve.


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    Thank you for the reply! The URL is working fine when you type it into the search bar, but when you type the URL into Google our shop doesn't show up as an option.



    Helper V

    I suspect that you have been misunderstood. First let me explain something.


    In the old (my) desktop world, we put an URL into an address bar and the browser navigates to that address. Now with Android and other little devices, business has become greedy and more complicated. Now we have search boxes, not address bars. When we type an URL into Android and such, what we specify first goes through a search engine and gives us much more than just a simple navigation. That is a wonderful thing, right? We want the computer to help us decide where to go, right? Even if we think we know what we want, the computer (actually big business) is helping us go somewhere else. And even in the old-fashioned desktop PC environment, if we type the wrong domain name, big business injects themselves into our browser and helps us decide where to go.


    So yes, if we put "http://www.shopmadeleinescollection.com" or "http://shopmadeleinescollection.com" into a desktop PC address bar, we get your web site. If however we put www.shopmadeleinescollection.com or shopmadeleinescollection.com into Google, then all the other businesses that have paid more money than you get shown at the top. I assume your site will appear somewhere, but just not in the first page, because you have not paid Google. And for phones and tablets, the huge majority of them offer search boxes for all navigation to web sites.

    Community Team

    I think I see what's going on here.


    Because the URL is set up as a redirect, there's no website actually attached to the domain. The domain is just pointing to an Etsy shop, and the "real" shop URL is www.etsy.com/shop/MadeleinesCollection. That's the URL that Google is paying attention to.


    If you want to rank for www.shopmadeleinescollection.com, you'll need to have a site at that domain. There's a conversation about this over in Etsy's community forum. Other Etsy shop owners have two sites -- one for showcasing their products and attracting search traffic, and then their Etsy shop for actually selling products.


    Hope that makes sense. Other GoDaddy community members might have a different perspective on this than I do. 🙂




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    I think I made some invalid assumptions in my first reply.


    Perhaps Lizzie92 does not understand the difference between a search box and an address bar. Lizzie92 says that when people type the address "into Google" but what they should be doing is to type into an address bar, not into Google.



    Hi, @Lizzie92 it is nearly impossible to optimize a redirected website.  However, what you can do and this is where it gets fun, blog about it. Now that you have your Esty store and your domain name of which is still a little bit long, what you can do now is purchase WordPress hosting through Godaddy,  and start talking about your favorite items in your store. Share it to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, and even free on www.mcnmmarketing.com. You can then download a plugin that helps you with SEO, of which there are many on the WordPress platform. I like to use the one called Yoast, it works really well.  If you like we can get all of that setup for you or you can do it yourself. It's pretty easy. 

    Michael Franklin Jr.