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    Email Marketing

    I have been using the eCommerce website tools for 2 years now and some reason I can not find the email marketing tab that allows me to change the new order email template.  I am not having google analytics show any revenue and i was hoping i could put the tracking code in the new order emails and google would figure it out. is there a better way to include the revenues for all my orders

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    I need Email Marketing for My Chat Room Site  Anyone Interested  for email marketing 

    Hi there:) My names Cat, if you'd like, you could look at my marketing website, it's called konseptualdesign.com. The site is relatively new, however, both my partner and I have been in the business for quite some time.  We handle wordpress sites and their landing pages that coordinate with buyer personas to entice end users with various media and pertinent information with the end game being a successful path to your drip campaign.  Pretty awesome, I know.  


    Our Fb is Facebook.com/konseptualdesign

    Instagram is instagram.com/konseptual


    My personal Fb is Facebook.com/Caturdays which has nothing to do with my business but hopefully alleviates any stranger danger concerns. My phone number is (917) 387-5064, it would be awesome (for me:) to hear from you, call me even if you just want to ask questions or swap some good advice:)  


    Thanks for Listening,