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    Advocate II

    How Can I improve my website SEO?

    I know videos work great with keywords, but what if I had audio? Do you think a Podcast blog would rank higher then a video blog?
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    I have been building websites for quite some time now.  I am not a "SEO" expert but some of what I say here WILL help.  First thing is to place what you do with as many catch words as you can in the first paragraph as this is what will be displayed on the Google blurb.  Thus:


         Quality Autos for sale.  Cars, Vans, light Trucks all affordable, clean and dependable.


    In this single sentence you have mentioned 9 things you are doing at your used car lot.  Anyone Googling these words will see your site first.  More importantly is to place key words in your meta data tags.  The meta data is listed in the header for the website and unseen by visitors to the site.  Still a web browser sees this meta data and reacts to it.  There is no limit to how many key words you can place here but don't get silly and mention things you don't do.  This will only annoy people.  Hope this helps.

    Community Manager


    @JCore wrote:
    I know videos work great with keywords, but what if I had audio? Do you think a Podcast blog would rank higher then a video blog?

    Text continues to be the main factor in on-site SEO. With video or audio, I highly recommend publishing a written transcript or show notes alongside your media.


    If you're publishing videos to YouTube, include this text in the video description, and make sure your video title is focused on the keyword/keyphrase you're trying to rank for.

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    Helper I

    Years ago, I used a free SEO-optimization site.

    I cannot instantly recall the name. Google. See what you find.


    Having said that, immediately after publishing on my site, the return ‘box’ asks to optimize site.

    That has been very effective for me.

    Getting Started

    Google said that by 2019, 85% of traffic will be coming from Google. So definitely video is very effective and a smarter play for the long term.


    But at the end of the day with Google, it's about content, so text is still very crucial, and the more relevant content you have the better.


    If you have to choose between video and audio, definitely go video.

    Agree - definitely video over audio - but the suggestion to publish a transcript alongside the video is a very good one. Search engines still can't parse keywords from an actual video or audio file. 

    Erika Kerekes, Founder & Condiment QueenNot Ketchup Gourmet Grilling Sauces

    Improve you SEO with social media marketing, blogging on a regular basis and then sharing that content on social media.  Some good tools to use are  Search Engine Optimization and Generate Traffic Pro  Ther you find great tutorials from professionals who have mad millions online and are now sharing there secrets and marketing strategies with others. Also, check out for information on Facebook Marketing.  These are three great websites that provide, the answers you are looking for

    Patricia Lynn