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    How To Set Up SEO For Music Websites

    SEO For Music Websites

    Once you have all your content on your website, the next step is to make sure you have the basics covered to make sure your music website gets the proper attention from Google and other search engines. The practice of actively trying to make your website more appealing to sites like Google is called Search Engine Optimization. Appearing in all the search results that you want will take time, but by following the advice in this guide, you will be successful.

    Start by using the tools that wordpress provides. Go to Settings > Site Title and entering your name or the name of your band. Next go through each page of your website and click on the yoast SEO button on the Site Admin. For each page, enter a Page Title which will be appended with the Site Title, so you don’t want to make them too long. You will see a handy preview of what your Google result will look like that will tell you if you use too many characters.

    Take this opportunity to add a Description for the page as well. Make sure to mention the type of music download you play and probably the geographic area as well. Both will be important terms that people will use to find you on search engines.

    The most important thing to know about search engine optimization is that Google is smarter than all of us. You can’t trick it, so don’t waste your time trying. Make sure you have lots of text on your website that mentions your band name, your genre, your geographic location, and other noteworthy attributes that potential visitors might search for. It is also important to properly use headings throughout your site. Put a large Heading Element at the top of each page and use Medium Headings and Small Headings to introduce new sections of pages. Also make sure to update your website regularly. This should be easy to do if you are recording new material or performing, but adding news about these things will keep Google (and your audience) coming back to your site regularly.

    You can gain further traction for your music website by making sure that you link to your website from all of your social media profiles. Make sure you have a Google Pluslisting and a YouTube channel as these are Google properties and usually show up pretty high in search rankings themselves. Then try to find logical web directories that make sense like MusicBraiNZ.ORG. Also check if your local weekly entertainment paper has directories of local bands. Perhaps some of the venues you perform at have links to bands in the area?

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