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    How i increase Google Traffic on my website?


    Anyone can help me to increase traffic on my website . I see this kilt and jackets website is getting huge google traffic. I also try to optimize and get good backlinks but my ranking are not improving. What is the issue in my website ? Anyone can help?


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    Using SEO & Growth hacking methods.

    SEO is dead ? OMG nice joke ahaha.

    The best approach would be content marketing as well as SEO link building but getting links from high profile relevant sites. 


    Let us know if you need help with your SEO Strategy




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    Content is the key to building traffic especially return visitors. I am not just referring

    to any content but content that is helpful and your visitors would like to share with

    their family, friends and especially their social media friends.  imgenerationx.com.


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    I overviewed your website and appreciate the work done by you. But a lot more can be done which will increase your website visitors as well as sales. Here are some suggestions 


    • Optimise SEO for your website.
    • Improve the content quality on your website. (you have nice content but adding a blog section will drive more traffic).
    • Stay active on Social Media
    • Try paid advertisement & email marketing

    These are just a few examples through which you can improve your rankings and get more traffic on your website. In case you want any help regarding your website you can contact ILoveFashionRetail They offer a variety of e-commerce marketing services ranging from Paid advertisement, Influencer Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing, and social media management.


    ILoveFashionRetail can provide you more than just SEO in your niche as it is a full-service e-commerce web development and marketing agency for Fashion businesses.

    Hope you found this helpful.


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    Content is the king and will always remain so.

    Make your content that is loved by people who read it. A good content brings back old visitors to your site. I saw your site Kilt and Jackets it is good.


    First of all you have to let people know about it, how to do it? You can do it by posting to relevant threads of Quora. Quora gets lot of traffic and some traffic can be diverted to your website through your posts. 


    You should also do article writing and place your website links on them. Medium is a good source to create relevant articles. 


    In the end I also say that you should always make good content (i.e. your articles, posts, website pages should have good content).


    You can check this good resource - Finest ways you Need To Know for Creating Better Content like a Boss


    I hope my answer suggest you some good ways. 


    Thank you.

    Happy to help you.

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