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    How to grow the business of Software Development and Testing Services

    I am running a Software development business from 2015 and it is running good, now i want to push it from good to better.


    As of now I am searching for BDR for marketing in US and UK but didn't got any luck as of now. 

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    To clarify, you're looking for a BDR, (Business Development Representative) with experience in software development and testing?
    Assuming the above is correct why are you focusing on the US and UK markets rather than just the US?
    It will be easier to find someone tailored to each individual market and I selected the US here as it's far larger

    There are lots of questions regarding your business, how it's succeeded to date in what markets and why .


    Thanks for your reply.

    To answer your question, yes I am looking for a person like BDR or someone with whom I can alliance and showcase my skills.
    As of now I have marketed my services only in India and now would like to outsource services. As you suggested I can focus on US markets first.

    Below is and insight on the type of business we do:

    Our services domain is a collection of various heads:

    -Custom Software Development

    -Software Testing and Automation
    -Android apps development
    -Wordpress Customisation: - (Themes and Plugins)
    -UI designing
    -Hosting and Domain services

    We do have ready to ship software:
    -Inventory management:- (Custom Tax Enabled and dynamic fields)
    -Daily Call reporting for pharmaceutical companies
    -Ecommerce applications:- (Customisable)
    -Portfolio based Android app

    Let me know if I need to provide or info on this.




    Interesting, I have many years experience in supply chain and warehouse management software.
    You mentioned your inventory software, can you add more details on its capabilities and target client. Is it a SAAS based model, a subscription, license per seat model etc?

    You're already in a massive market (Indiia) and although its highly competitive/ tight margins, it should be easier to sell there than in the US market.

    No, I'm not.

    Why?..Thank you! God bless!


    We have good Social media and Search engine experts who can target the audience with Geo targeting. We can be of help as well. Please reach us out

    I see. Alright. Very nice.