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    Landing Page with Beta Test signup form

    Hi All,


    I need to create a Landing Page, with a form, that allows people to signup to beta test an APP.

    I would also need to create conditions of the form, so that I get an email alert every time someone signs up for the test and to end it once the number of signups equals 100.


    Anyone have an ideas on where to go about this? I'm not an IT person!

    Thanks a lot.





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    Hi anyone,

    Does anyone know how to contact these guys via email. They dont give you an email address to write to. I am overseas. Nobody seems to be able to get to the website.

    I couldnt get into my own website. I finally managed to. The public dont seem to be able to. So, why the hell am I paying for this site when no one can access it.

    I have no other place to write so I am venting my frustration here so that some so called help desk person will read this and assist me with my website access!

    Sorry, I am writing this in frustration and if they dont do anything, I am going to report them to the Trade Practices Commission when I am back in Australia. This is causing me a lot of heartache and damage as I have given my website address and my clients say they cant see any. If anyone can help pass this message to GoDaddy, I would appreciate it.