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    Meta Tags, Keywords Online Store

    Hi there, can anyone help, quite a novice user but have a small understanding of meta tags etc. and have just opened up an online store and paid extra for Search Engine Visibility v1, I'm struggling to work out where I post the meta tag/keyword codes that the V1 is generating? Also on Search Engine Visibility v1 Checklist it recommends changes in Various Optimize panels but when I click to update it says It looks like you have not created your site with us. What would you like to do?


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    Hey @JulesInteriors,


    Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Community.  If you are looking to add Meta tags to GoDaddy's Online Store product, typically, you can find that under the "Advanced" tab, I believe.



    Hope that helps.  If anyone else has tips and tricks to use with Online Store, please feel free to chime in!



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    i think this issue is because the site is not create with godaddy site creator on plain html, also you nee to go on you blog wordpress on each category, and tags and use the keyword that you thing will work for you, you can use to find the keyword best for you store..and seo plugin by yoast ans ecomerce seo pluging aslo create by yoats...can help a Man LOLlot to optimize you entire store