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    Multiple search engine submissions

    I had an SEO company do some work for me in the past.  Claimed pages on dozens of search engines.  Now that information is old, out of date, and in a bunch of cases, duplicated.  Many require log in info - and the company never provided that to me....


    I'm trying to figure out how to remove the incorrect listings, and end up with one new, valid, listing.  I looked at Search Engine Visibility and Get Found from GoDaddy, but I was told on the phone, it would only add another listing - not correct the ones already there. 


    I'm a local brick and mortar business with a pretty defined geographic and demographic clientele. 


    Help, John

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    Helper VI

    Have you tried going to the search engines such as google and claim the business as yours?

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

    @JHasselbring, Yes, I've gone to dozens of search engines, including Google, in an effort to re-claim my business.  Some require the email address and password that claimed the business, in order to make changes.   Ones that will allow me to make the changes, are changed.  Google was one of the first one I corrected - Google Maps had the wrong info, the balance of Google had the right info.  Very Frustating.


    Looking for a something that will allow me to make changes wholesale.  I have an email into