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    Need Help: Lost in all the ways I could get product to market

    Hello all, I have been trying for weeks to get our product to Market online. Frustrated and disappointed with the result. So I ask what are some methods used or best practices to use. 

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    Hi @sudsuch,


    Many of us certainly know the frustration of getting a good launch.  Perhaps you can tell us a bit more about your situation so we can help you.  What types of products, you audience, your strategy?


    Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    Hey @sudsuch


    Does your company have customers already from prior products?  How old is the company, what marketing and sales channels do you already have established?  Do you have resellers/partners, etc.,


    Let us know a bit more about your company's history, current products, previous "go to market" strategies, whether this is a completely new product, or a new version of a previous product, an "add-on," how it competes with other products, etc.,   and we'll try to lend a helping hand.


    I would also suggest looking at your top competitors and see what they do; where they market, etc.,  just ensure you have $$$ to market a product and know the ROI for each channel.



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    Thanks @JMPepper


    Our site is somewhat new. Our business has been open for two years. We have a good following in person sales through fairs and outdoor markets. 


    We are preparing to launch a natural sunscreen product based on our natural lotion and I have zero clue on how to best do this.


    We are doing OKAY on FB and on Yelp. As far as clicks go but no sales. 


    So I have no idea what to do?

    Hi @sudsuch,


    It sounds like you may need a strong "Call-To-Action" on your page to help stimulate sales.  Do you have some customer testimonials for the page?  Do you have enough of a margin that you could offer a 2-for-1 type introductory online offer?


    If you want to private message me or even post your site url here, I'll be glad to take a look at it.  To start, because the product is selling in person-to-person sales, use these contacts and conversations to craft your sales approach online.  


    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    We are running BOGO offer now for new customers. Site is suds and such as.com


    We have 200% margin and one partner selling P2P

    Suds and such as.com

    A few things I haven't seen mentioned, likely because it's assumed you're doing it or I overlooked it because it's almost 3am......but wanted to mention them just in case. 1.) You already have a customer base. You don't need to convince them that you carry good products. They already know this or they woudln't be buying from you. So send existing customers a small sample. I would guess two applications would get it. Include the small sample with each order of anything else people buy from you. Your existing customers are the easiest sales of all. They already trust in you and your products enough to buy from you. And nothing says "We know our product is awesome" like giving some out. I woudln't even do the two-for-one. You're giving away more product that way than with free samples and the free samples are going to people that are highly likely to buy once they try it. In the buy one get one, you're simply devaluing your product and delaying the time before they'll need to place their second order. You would be better off simply offering a free trial packet or tiny bottle to anyone with an address that hasn't ordered it before that asks for it. If it's a tiny trial bottle, you could even ask for $1 plus shipping and you'll have more luck getting it in their hands than a 2 for 1 because they still have to come up with the full amount for a bottle to purchase an untried product that for all they know, they'll be throwing away two bottles instead of one. That's the mental barrier you have to get past to get new customers on a new product. If it's a good product they'll order at the regular price after trying it. When it comes to new products, it's the price alone that drives it for most. Not a perceived value. It's only after a product is known that perceived value can provide a significant boost in sales. For a moment, step away from the tanning lotion and pretend it's a brand new car manufacturer that never made a car before, had no name recognition in the auto industry, and you showed up at a car lot and the dealer said he would sell you two-for the price of one. What's your assumption? What's going to happen?

    But there's another way to tackle it. That's to basically give the cars to car rental companies for free. Well of course they're going to take them. It's free money for them. And you'll have a bunch of people driving your cars for a brief period of time and if it's a good car at a good price, many may go to buy one the next time they need to buy a car and some may go to buy one right away as they may be renting because their car just broke down. A dealer would be much better off and increase the sales by simply offering a free lunch to anyone who test drives one as it would create more test drivers. 2 for 1 woudl make them think the cars were junk. 


    Yes, it's a totally different product but from the consumer side the same thought processes occur. So get as many test drivers as you can. What you need to do is get a small amount of product in the hands of as many potential customers as [psson;e then let the value speak for itself. Assuming it's a good product at a good price, the more people that TRY it, the more you'll sell. 
    So having said that,  a few more ideas....give a bunch of sample packets to the tanning places with and agreement that they will give them out for free. Otherwise they'll slap a price tag on it and few will try it over their normal stuff that they know and trust that costs roughly the same. Work out some highly discounted pricing for the tanning places that will make them want to carry and even push it. Heck, if you're going to give out free bottles, THAT's the place to do it because you can set a minimum price they're allowed to charge to keep the perceived value up and not rob sales from your website. In that scenario you have an unknown product being charged the regular rate but being charged by people that the end-users trust. And they're making a killing on it for the tme being. That will be easier to raise the price on later than trying to reduce the quantity customers get per dollar later. You could end up with a lot of "Well now that I have to pay close to the same as what I pay for Australian Gold, I may as well get Australian Gold." OK. I hope that all made sense. I'm halway falling asleep here typing. lol Shoot me a message if I need to clarify any of that for you while I'm fully awake.  


    Shoor. Forgot one other thng. I mentioned somewhere in there that you should send a free sample to all of your customers that order other things. This cross-marketing is a good plan all around with everything that you can. I don't know what else you sell, but anyone who buys this lotion that hasn't ordered a different product should get a free trial sample of a profuct they never ordered before.  If you apply this across every product possible, you will see sales of everything increase. We're a wireless internet, dedicated fiber, hosted voice and IPTV provider with a dozen other products and services and we do this with every product that we have where it's possible. When it's not possible we'll send out some other kind of promo - free installation, switch to us and save 20%, order now with no contract. Always changing it because differerent people have different needs at different times. In March we offered a free month trial of our IPTV product to all existing customers. We were flat-out hammered. I didn't think the response would be so high. But people like free trials. I'm certain that 2 months for the price of one would have come much lower. The great thing is that we had 42% choose to keep and pay for the sevice for month two  which is more than twice and almost three times our expectation. If I had to guess, a large number of them are in dish contracts and might be back once their dish contract is out. That's part of why we anticipated only a 15% "keep" rate. But now I'm rambling. OK. Bed. That's where I was going. 


    Hi @sudsuch,


    Nice looking site!  Now, let's get to "strategic content".  Here is one approach:


    A - Attention

    I - Interest

    D - Desire

    A - Action


    Your site has good, relevant information, but now you need to give them a reason to buy and extend a strong invitation. 


    goat-3a.jpgWhen you buy, we'll both be very, very happy!!  


    Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity to show a happy goat.  But this is an example of adding attention and action.  Key phrase,  "Engage your visitor"  - don't just tell about the products, put them in context of how they  make one feel!


    Hope this helps,



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    Hello Sudsuch,


    I visited your website and liked the way its created and maintained.  The section 'Benefits of Our Products' caught my attention. It looks like you've created it as a blog. Currently, I see two posts there. You can add more blog posts with tips helping people related to your product. At the end of the post,  call to action may help people make the purchase decision and encourage them to buy your product. You can promote blog posts as skin care tips on the social media also optimized blog content for search engines can increase the visibility of your site in the search results when people search for similar products. 


    Hope that helps.




    Define your Product and Market Position.

    Have you asked yourself these questions (And More)?

    Have you defined the "need" for your product or are you trying to sell a "want"?

    Who are your Customers? Target Market.

    Where do you want to sell? Globally/Regionally/Locally?

    Do you have competitors? Who? Are any "Market Dominant"?

    Are you early or late to market?

    Where are you in price point? It is incredibly difficult to differentiate a product on line.

    Do you have a "Name" in your Market?

    How big can you get and how fast? Two things lead to bankruptcy: Failure and Success.

    You will have to share a lot more with the Community in order to get specific recommendations.

    Have you thought about spending a little money with a Subject Expert in your Market?