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    SEO, Franchising, Subdomain vs subdirectory

    We just started offering franchises and am looking for best practices on how to set up our website/domain.  Should we create sub-domains or ????  And how does SEO work with each of these locations?  Seeking a freelancer for this. Here are some things we've decided on:

    1) Franchisees could request changes through corporate that would have to be approved and implemented by corporate website manager.

    2) It would be difficult to create and manage content for mulitple locations and not have duplicate content. I believe we will have a significant amount of duplicate content except for city name, pricing, instructors and specific FAQ on studio policies (i.e. where to park).

    3) We would like main site to rank well for non geo specific search "product" and franchise content to rank well for geo specific search "product dallas"




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    Community Manager

    Hi @beyondbrandi. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I can't speak to all your points but did have some thoughts in regard to multiple domains vs subdomains. One thing to consider would be how the franchise studios would be named and who would be responsible for the domain registration. Having each site be a subdomain would only require you to manage one domain, which could help with keeping your brand solidified. However, I'm not sure how that would reflect on SEO. Perhaps others who are more knowledgeable in the community will be able to chime in. Good luck!


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    There are several ways to do this:
    1. a location directory within your website
    there are 2 ways to do this:
    1.a.) thebeyondstudio.com/locations/lovers-lane
    1.b.) thebeyondstudio.com/lovers-lane
    2. a metro site approach 
    there are 2 ways to do this
    2.a.) thebeyondstudio.com/locations/dallas/lovers-lane
    2.b.) thebeyondstudio.com/dallas/lovers-lane
    3. independent websites for each location
    4. a sub-directory for each location
    5. a subdirectory/location hybrid
    There are positives and negatives to each way. 
    But the best strategy is something that allows everyone to benefit
    1. you (the brand/franchisor/founder) have control
    2. them (the franchisee/location/independent owner) to be enabled
    3. all ya'll (the brand + the location/independent owner) to influence eachother
    When it comes to websites you have 2 audiences:
    1. Real People (your customers and prospects)
    2. The search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
    From an SEO perspective:
    • You want to rank at the top of page 1 on Google 
      • Google (and all other search engines) serve up results for pages, not websites. 
      • Google does not rank websites, they rank pages. 
    • So it does not matter if you set your site up using any of 5+ ways i have recommended above. 
      • But there are several (hundred) things that Google takes into consideration:
      • Inbound Links + Outbound Links (meaning the webpages/sites that link to your page + the webpages/sites that your page links to.
    • If you have a page that receives a lot of traffic (visitors) that means you have good "link juice" (credibility).
    So, the best option in setting up your site is to go with something like option #1 or #2
    Whatever option you choose depends on the following:
    • Your business plan
    • Your availability to sell franchise locations
    • Your marketing plan for the franchise owners in that metro area or city.
    I took a look at your website and see that you have gone with option # 1.b.



    I would download this guide:

    The definitive guide to subdomains vs subfolder/subdirectories and stand-alone domains


    Beware of fake distributed architecture like WordPress multisites for instance... that
    shares identical servers, IP blocks, and as a result does not yield any of the associated



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