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    SEO Tool - remove keywords

    So as the SEO checklist has suggested I wanted to 'fix' an issue with page heading tags.  I have selected a few keyword terms which will apparently have too few or too many occurrences.  How do I unselect them?


    Also, on the SEO reference guide, under H1 header tag, how do I specify what text on my site I want as my H1 header tags?


    Thanks for your help.


    Yours, a website rookie.

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    Hi @Nick757,

    Welcome to our forums. Without knowing if you are using our Website Builder or Web Hosting, it's hard to steer you in the right direction. I recommend calling our support team to help you out. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Helper I

    hi, you go to Head apge, and this is the correct way too set your H1 tag:


    1.  Put your header tag <h1> </h1> at the top of the page, preferably after the <body> tag.

    2.  Are you targeting the keywords you wish to rank higher for?  If not, go in and modify your tags slightly to include those words.  If your h1 happens to be an image, use the image alt tag to add those juicy keywords.

    3. Can I have more than 1 header tag on the page?  Google will not penalize you, but one is preferred.  If you have a need for multiple titles, then perhaps it should be broken into multiple pages, or use one h1, or multiple h2’s.  Here’s a video from Matt Cutts explaining that: