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    SEO - reached my page limit in Managed WordPress?

    Hi all


    I am in the process of building my first website and am at the moment editing the SEO in Managed WordPress, to create traffic to my site.  However, I have edited 4 pages and when I try to edit page number 5, I get a message saying I have reached my page limit??  I have far more than 4 pages on my site - how do I add keywords etc to these too?


    Also, when going through the SEO options on Managed WordPress, it offers suggestions for keywords etc but won't let me choose my own from scratch.  Am I missing something??


    Thank you.


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    Hmmm... not sure what that is about.  "Managed WordPress" hosting really refers to the back-end management of the server, not your WordPress dashboard.  There is no 4 page limit.


    Did you add an SEO plugin and if so which one?  Maybe it is a plugin that offers x-amount of options for free unless you upgrade?  Not sure without seeing your dashboard.


    For SEO I recommend Yoast SEO which should do what you want and guide you through the process so you can learn along the way as well.    




    HTH! 😉

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