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    Search Engine Visibility tool only picking up 5 pages for sitemap



    I have the search engine visibility tool with godaddy, and going through the checklist, it says I dont have a sitemap (which is strange, as I've always had one, even google picks up my complete sitemap).
    So, I let it scan for a sitemap... which it finds, but only 5 pages.... I don't really understand why only 5, when I have many more (as google also picks up).

    Please advise what is wrong with the search engine visibility tool?

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    Helper VI

    Hi @SandtonVIPComp, welcome to the community! 🙂


    What do you use for your site? GoCentral, a CMS, custom code?

    Can you also provide the domain name?


    If you find my replies helpful, give me a like or kudo 🙂
    And if I solved your issue, mark it as solution 😄