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    Site statistics from (old) website builder, lost when converted to WordPress?

    Several help desk folks on chat helped me convert my site from the (old) website builder interface to a (new) managed WordPress configuration. But now I cannot find my site statistics of visitors to my site from January 1 until last week (when it was converted). 


    How do I find my old site stats? The URL is still the same. And the guy on chat said that WordPress would be able to see all the stats from before. (Which doesn't make sense to me, btw) I've seen some stats from the ManageWP plugin interface and some stats from the Jetpack plugin. But those only start when my site http://clubnema.org was connected on WordPress.


    I'm a non-profit and I rely on being able to submit web statistics on my grant proposals. Help!

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    Super User III

    That doesn't make sense to me either, but moving forward I recommend you to use Google Analytics.  It is free, gives many detailed reports, and is not dependent on the platform you use to make the site.


    Does *anyone* at GoDaddy have an idea how I can find my statistics from January-July of 2018, before the guy on chat help support got rid of my website builder version of my site?