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    Start up with go daddy

    I have set up a business with the go daddy web site, I have a domain and everything is doing ok. My question is because having set up etc I keep getting a message telling me how many days left as it is trial period,.

    after this trial period do I have to start to pay ? And which do I pay .

    i just want a basic web site .

    i would appreciate any help on this matter thank you  

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    Former Employee

    Hey @Shandybryn


    Can you share the URL to your site?  Also, are you currently using the GoCentral trial?  I believe you're receiving the messages simply as a reminder.  After the trial, you'll need to decide if you want to continue using the website builder tool, or if you want to transition to something else.  Happy to provide more detail if you can share a bit more about your site, URL, etc.,



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