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    Starting your business

    Hello everyone,

    I want to help those that are considering starting their own business.

    Let me start by saying, good for you!
    There is nothing more rewarding than owning your own business.
    You're never too old or too young.
    So now that's out of the way, lets cover some of the high level basics:

    Are you ready?
    People write books on this subject alone, but here's a few fundemental things, that almost 3 decades in business has taught me:
    1 - Ask yourself why you want to start a business, create a list of pros & cons.(the bigger the better)
    Consider such things as, family, do you have one, are you going to start one soon, how soon?
    Are your friends and family supportive, is your spouse or partner for, against or neutral on the idea?
    Ask your friends what they think about your idea/concept/experience etc. (Take notes)

    Have you made a business plan?
    I can't emphasize this enough, have a plan. Even if you dont need a business loan, you need discipline and an understanding of the basic essentials of business.
    Go discuss your plan with your bank manage and or local small business advisor. (It's usually free)
    Hit the Internet, there are lots of free resources available.

    Set rules for yourself, don't overextend you or your business and dont take on debt unless it is essential and you have a plan to repay it..
    Keep your promises to yourself and most importantly your clients.

    We've barely scratched the surface here but I hope this post helps you get started.

    Good luck to you all, go live your dream.

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    Former Employee

    Hey @BizWiz great to have you here on the community!  Have you considered becoming a mentor, which would be a great way to directly help in the success of the small business owners on the community?



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    Hello Eric,

    I have considered becoming a mentor, I very much enjoy helping others.
    My concern is based upon the fact that I charge my clients for theadvice I provide to them, so offering it for free here, represents a conflict for me.

    I need help starting my online business.  Dmmcrow@aol.com

    Hello Dnncrow,

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the business you are starting?


    Hello my name is Brian,We have started a BE NICE,STOP BULLYING! Foundation and a apparel clothing line to go with it.We are searching for more advice from anyone that's on the same path.Thank you