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    The Claims Industry

    Hi over the last couple of years i have been growing a small portfolio of Claims websites, http://offplancompensation.com , http://spanishbankrefunds.com and http://theclaimshop.com 


    i have been passing on my leads to another claims company who have a lot of money behind them to process the claims, however i have to wait up to and over 1 year just to be paid the 4% commissions im due... i would like to finance this myself as i can earn 50% of the money if i deal directly with lawyers. I have approached 1 lawyer and he is happy to do business with me but he only handles 2 x claims types IE Off Plan refunds and Spanish mortgage claims. I dont have a spare 500k to subsidize my living and possibly staff costs for me to wait a year to be paid... im struggling any advice would be great... thanks in advance Steve 

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    Former Employee

    Hey @Steveandjane intriguing business.  Have you considered speaking with the company you're passing claims onto to become a partner/investor of yours? If they are seeing significant revenues/billings from your service and referrals, they may be interested.  In particular, have you differentiated yourself enough to receive opportunities they cannot/don't receive?  I'd bet there are other companies that may be willing to partner if you're generating enough gross revenues.


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    I have decided to approach specialist solicitors myself and do a revenue share with them, as when i pass on the leads to bigger companies with more clout than me, they are doing exactly the same, but they dont pay out commissions until they get paid! so i may as well wait for a higher payout, Or find companies that buy specialist leads.. its hard starting from scratch again as ive passed over 200 leads to one company within 3 months, with an average commission of €300 each to me and still no payments made to me... When i work 7 days a week at this and no income its very hard... but im plodding on... pity no big company could see the value i offer