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    What You Need To Know About Linkedin Events

    LinkedIn has been a go-to platform for business marketers and professionals alike when it comes to expanding their reach. They have also introduced the Linkedin lead generation software, which has proven time and time again to be an essential tool for digital marketers who wish to expand their connections, increase internet traffic, and create customer conversions. One of their features that attracted a lot of businessman was their Events feature.


    In the early 2010s, LinkedIn Events was the platform for organizing and attending business events. It was an important tool due to its reach to a lot of businessmen at the time. And then it shut down at November 2012. It wasn’t until 2019 that LinkedIn launched a new platform for organizing events. This is a time where other platforms have also created their own events feature to compete with other platforms. Other platforms include Facebook and Eventbrite.


    LinkedIn Events, similar to Facebook, allows users to organize an event and send invitations which guests could join. They could also choose to go on their own if they wish to. What sets LinkedIn Events apart from the other platforms is that its focus is mainly on business events. This gives it the advantage over platforms because no other irrelevant events will be posted there. The services offered by LinkedIn Events would allow users to notify attendees and be able to converse with them prior to the meetings. The feature is also aimed at promoting interpersonal interactions through those meetings as being able to communicate in person is something foundational for creating relationships with fellow professionals in the field.


    The advantage for marketers when it comes to LinkedIn Events is that from its previous years, it was already an established platform for professionals even after it shut down, so people would return to it again. This also leads to more user engagements for events promoted on LinkedIn than on other platforms. This advantage of having an established audience with marketers provide a great opportunity for other marketers to capitalize on.


    The possible ways that you could make the most of LinkedIn Events are planning and attending the events being promoted. By planning and hosting a variety of events, you are able to engage with more people that could be prospects and leads in the future. If you or your marketing team would attend events, this would help increase awareness about your brand. Another advantage of LinkedIn is that it is easier to reach professionals related to your specific events, making it easier to invite them to any events you might host.


    LinkedIn Events has a lot of competition with regards to having an events feature, however for the business industry, it remains to be at the top. This provides its users an easily accessible feature which they can utilize for organizing and promoting events, especially if their focus is more for building interpersonal relationships. The interface can also be optimized to entice more users from the marketing field to pursue its use. Overall, its popularity can be merited to its invaluable use for being a great tool for marketers to gain organic engagements through face to face interactions which build greater relationships.


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