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    What is the role of data analytics in SEO for 2017?

    Data and Analytics have not just continued to play a vital role in bringing unexpected growth and success for businesses running online but in addition to that, it has even transformed into a more dynamic and robust shape that has become yet another leap for several of the design and development areas of the field of information technology. Now Big Data and Machine Learning based modules have started to trend around the world of IT.


    Specifically talking about the domain of internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization), data analytics play a crucial role in the overall success of the executed SEO plan and strategy in action. SEO companies California based experts agree that precisely measuring the average monthly number of new and returning visitors and the average bounce rate up to pin pointedly identifying the best in class strategy for improving target audience reach based on demographic data and by conducting comprehensive keyword research, It is data that enables businesses to achieve their desired goals.

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