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    When should I consider offering health Insurance to my employees?

    When should I consider offering health Insurance to my employees?

    Or do I need to offer them this expensive benefit?

    What to ask yourself:

    1. What is my competition doing? Do I need to complete?

    2. This is very expense and 3rd highest cost next to payroll and Floor space!

    3. Are there other lower cost benefits I can offer to attract and retrain employees?

    4.Why am I talking to myself right now? Shouldn't I be asking another pro?

    5. Why not ask the " Insurance Guy" ? OK. I will.  Thanks.

    Health Insurance , Dental Plans, Medicare Insurance, Travel Insurance

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    Former Employee

    Hey @InsuranceGuy , 


    May I suggest providing some more details, and possibly link to your site (BLOG) that can help people on the community understand how you can help them by providing insights and expertise?  Knowing you have expertise is great, but we're hear to share and help each other with businesses.  Please consider sharing "kernels" of knowledge to increase participation.


    Warm regards,



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