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    Helper II

    Where did you learn about SEO?

    Was it helpful? Seems like there's a lot to know to be successful to drive traffic. 

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    Advocate V Advocate V
    Advocate V

    I've been watching SEO evolve for the last two decades and at first it seemed to be a constantly moving target but when I really got into it, I found most of what I was reading was people trying to game the system.  Gaming the system is BAD.  Google blacklists system gamers and that can kill your search related traffic quick.  Google actually offers a starter primer in pdf format with the basics.

    There's a guy I know in San Diego that has written a pretty good book on contemporary practices.  The reason I like this book is that I've known him for quite a while and done a bit of work for him.  He started out using all the gimmicks that got good initial results and then ended up being disappointing (or disastrous).  He settled on the common sense stuff like keyword in the title tag, matching keyword in the meta description and H1 tag and keyword sprinkled through the copy in ways that make sense to a human reader.  But he's clearly done a ton of research that takes it well beyond simple SEO in ways that won't get you blacklisted and really do work.

    Not every site relies on traffic from the search engines but for those that do, yeah, there is a lot to know.  But that's what I like about web work.  I will never know all there is to know about this field.  I love to learn new stuff and for a guy like me, this field is like the Never Ending Story.

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    Former Employee

    Hiya D3. There is a bunch of stuff on SEO over on the Garage, btw. Here's one place to start. It's an eBook on the fundamentals:


    Advocate IV

    I have found SearchEngineLand to be an invaluable resource. Their SEO section has both how-to guidance and stays on top of new developments.




    Erika Kerekes, Founder & Condiment QueenNot Ketchup Gourmet Grilling Sauces

    Check out this starter guide by google. I am new to seo myself and this guide answered many of my initial questions.

    Helper V



    Learned this by doing..... by researching, reading... and keeping up with changes....

    What worked say 10 years ago may not work these days......


    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    Two more essential sources (and some free tools):