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    marketing an adult site by a former playboy " barmate of the month"

    Hi. I own a lingerie store that I'm putting online and when I try to market it on Facebook, Pinterest etc it won't let me because it's considered pornographic. It's no worse than Victoria's Secret, and they are having a problem with lingerie. I was planning on using social media to market my site and I feel it's not an option. I don't have a lot of money to spend so do u know of any tips to help get me known?
    The site name is www.friskybusinessusa.com but won't be up for another day or too. ALso Im going to purchase www.friskybusiness.net because I was told that it's will be a way better for SEO and marketing purposes. It's not cheap because someone owns it already, so would buying the second site be a good investment or should I save my money.
    Any guidance you could give me would be so appreciated. Oh ya, I was in playboy like 5 years ago (small pictorial for barmate of the month) and am trying to come up with a way to drive traffic to my store because unfortunately playboy posted my photos online also and they aren't going away. How can I at least use that to my advantagewithout posting naked pics of myself everywhere. (Nobody ask for them, please I'm too embarrassed) should I ask them to give me a "shout out" on twitter or something.
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    Advocate VII

    Hi @Nikip0830,


    Save your money on the second site for now.  If you properly construct and market your site you won't need the second one for SEO.  AND, before your purchase the domain find out about how much traffic it has (if any), do a bit of SEO research to see where the traffic is originating, and remember that just because you have a premium domain name does not ensure premium business and traffic!


    Hope this helps,


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