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Add Office 365 to Your Reseller Programs

Items like GoDaddy's SmartLine and MS Office 360 are still unavailable to resellers. While I know that you have licensing agreements with third parties that limit some products/services, it would behoove GoDaddy to push for it's resellers to come to a compromise.


For example, GoDaddy could create a shell company similar to Wild West Domains that has a licensing agreement with Microsoft. Let's call it Wild West Office for sake of conversation. All resellers can then forward their customers to Wild West Office with the reseller's branding baked in using our Program ID number. Microsoft can then maintain a licensing agreement with Wild West Office and the reseller can offer Office 360 to its customers. This way, GoDaddy, Microsoft and us resellers all make money everyone's happy.


Yes, GoDaddy can kindly hire me to spearhead and negotiate this for them, since I seem to be onto something here Smiley Very Happy


P.S. I believe Google is canceling Google Plus altogether.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Add Office 365 to Your Reseller Programs

Hi @twilliams. Thanks for the suggestion and feedback! I don't know of any plans to add these products to the Reseller platform, but I will make sure to pass on what you've shared here. Seems like a good idea Man Happy


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