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Additional two-factor authentication method

Hello everyone,


Last week I was locked out of my account for several days since I stopped to receive the verification SMS for some unknown reason (I am apparently not the only one to have experienced this).


Once a contacted the technical support, the problem was quickly  "solved" by simply turning-off two-factor authentication (I did have to sign a consent form and provide scanned ID documents). Today, I seem to be able to receive the verification SMS again, so I turned it back on.


The operator told me that I would receive a feedback form, but I received none, so I'm writing this here:

I am afraid that this will happen again in the future in a much more critical situation. At the same time, disabling two factor authentication is definitively not an option for obvious reasons.


I understand that SMS is not the most reliable way of communicating. Therefore, may I suggest to use a second authentication channel that do not rely on network operators (such as OTPs with Google Authenticator) ?






Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Additional two-factor authentication method

Hi @mhz42. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


That definitely sounds like a frustrating situation. I can understand your concern. I know that there have been plans to develop an app based two-factor, but I'm not sure when that will be available. For now, SMS would be the only option.


However, if you're concerned about not being able to log in again, you may consider using 2FA for only high risk transactions. This is an option that's available when enabling 2FA in your account (see below). High risk transactions include:

  • Password changes
  • Changing your PIN
  • Changing your username
  • Disabling 2FA 




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Re: Additional two-factor authentication method

Thank you for these clarifications Jesse.


I am looking forward to this app-based two factor solution then.





Re: Additional two-factor authentication method

Hello - 


Authenticator app support should be available by the end of Jan 2017 (necessary caveats for possible unknown delays...).  You will also be able to establish a default and one or more backup ways to receive codes - e.g. auth app and/or SMS on one or more devices.  This should help ensure successful code delivery as you'll be able to use an alternate method if one fails.  You can also set up separate devices to protect against a lost or replaced phone situation.