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Appointment Parameters for Website & Marketing Feature

The appointments feature in Website & Marketing uses business hours as the source. Neither appointments or the calendar enable the owner to set time/date ranges, exclude holidays, run appointments for specific campaign (from - to), or have multiple services. That makes the feature rather useless for most applications. Is something in the works to enhance the appointment/services feature? I'd really like to make the most of a fully functional appointment/services module. 

Product Team

Hello DerrickT,

Thank you for reaching out. We are continuously working to improve Online Appointments, including allowing customers to book multiple services at once. We do have a "block" feature if you were to be unavailable for certain days/period of time; we have a plan to improve the settings of our "block" feature. If you were to set up recurring events, such as classes, weekly workshops, you could set up starting and end date. However, appointments and one-time event don't have this setting. I have noted this request down for appointments.

Thank you for responding. Yes, I could use the repeating feature. Good
call. I am also pleased to learn that GoDaddy is working on enhancements
for the appointment feature. Nice to know.