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Avira Browser Safety inteferes with GoDaddy website

Hey, just thought I'd let you know that the Avira Browser Safety extension for Google Chrome stops the login bar from being clickable or the login box from appearing on the login screen. Once I disabled it logged in and then enabled it again it then would stops the My Account page from loading properly as well as many other pages.  


Most likely more the fault of the Avira extension than GoDaddy, but yeah do what you like with the information GoDaddy staff.


Hi @CloudEater


Thank you for the post. I run Avira as well at home but never used the Browser Safety extension. I'll check it out when around me home PC to see if I can duplicate the issue. Very interesting finding and will be useful for when helping others troubleshoot a similar issue in the future. Thank you for the info!


Best Wishes!


I had the same issue.  Couldn't figure out why I could login on IE but not with Chrome, disabled Avira Browser Safety and was good to go.

I discovered the same thing the past few days after installing Avira Browser Safety.  I was able to login into cPanel ok, but unable to logout out (no logout button).  And the same was true as others had said, unable to login to my godaddy account from godaddy home page. On a hunch, I disabled ABS and, voila! ...everything is back to normal.