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Advocate VI

Bug looking at notification feed on iPad - Notification History

Bug report (not sure where else to put it). 

Was reading community stuff on my ipad last night. Was in the section with my Notification History and clicked the "read more" button at the bottom. Got something that was definitely not right, so I'm assuming it's a bug. Did it again, it's repeatable so hopefully one of the developers can track this down.

Did the same thing on my computer, no problems. This is certainly not a show-stopper but is probably worth investigating.crash of read more in notifications feed 04-07-16.png

Community Manager

Thanks for letting us know Lisa @webdiva! Would be really helpful if you would put this in an email to me with the browser you're using and the screenshots. Thanks!


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Well, that's the screenshot in the previous post. It's on an iPad using Safari. I did try it on my Mac with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and it doesn't happen in any of those cases. So it sounds like it's specifically an iPad issue.